Sunday, 17 July 2016

Get user data from Facebook in iOS

In this tutorial I will tell you about fetching user information from Facebook in your application.


First of all you need to integrate Facebook SDK to your project .

For integrating Facebook to your project click on the link  . Facebook provides simple iOS SDK integration .

After integrating Facebook to your project :

1)  Create  a UIButton for login with facebook

2) Login Facebook on button's action and add Facebook details method to get user details

By Facebook details method :-
You can get
1) Social id
2) Full name of user
3) Email of user
4) Profile picture

For uploading image file to server , please visit my blog on image uploading using multipart 

Thanks :) 


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  3. Hello please add Paypal integration tutorial

    1. Hello, Okay will add Paypal integration this weekend

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