Sunday, 14 February 2016

JSON parsing using NSURLSession in iOS

In this tutorial , i will tell you about how to hit a web service in iOS using NSURL Session .
It is introduced in iOS 7 and it replaced the previous NSURLConnection . 

Now , lets begin with the steps : 

1)   Create the NSUrlSessionConfigration and then create a session with that configuration. This allows you to create a session with specific functions set on it.

2)   Create an NSUrlRequest so that you can set the request methods to hit the web service.

3)   Create a JSON representation of the dictionary you will post to the web service.

4)   Now code for this is : 

JSON parsing using POST method

JSON parsing using AF Networking 3.0

Thats all about NSURLSession.

Thank you :)


  1. Thank you so muchh !!! :) Worked for me thnks alot

  2. Your welcome

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