Monday, 12 October 2015

Know more about Xcode

In this post , I will tell you more about Xcode .  Xcode is the IDE which is used for iOS development.

The Xcode window itself is divided into number of sections as  :-

Navigator Area :- The space on left side is Navigator area which  is used to navigate through all the controllers in our project.

Editor Area :- The space in between the navigator area and Utility area is Editor area in which we write all our code.

Utility Area :- Utility Area is the space in the right side of the main window and is used for quick help and using build in functions of Xcode.

Run project in Xcode:

To run our program ,we can tap cmd + r in mac OS and windows + r in windows OS.
We can click on this button in the toolbar:

We can choose on which iOS Device we want to run our project by click here:

By clicking on Run button , we will see a blank iOS simulator as we haven't code anything yet.

More About Xcode Project 

Objective C Interface and Implementation :-

In Objective C .the file where the declaration of class is done is called as Interface file (having .h as its extension) and the file where the class is defined is called as Implementation file  (having .m as its extension).

Interface and Implementation examples :-

A simple interface class would look like :

A simple Implementation class would look like:

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